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motorcade n : a procession of people traveling in motor cars

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From cavalcade, taking "-cade" as a suffix with motor replacing the horse sense.


  1. A procession of cars carrying VIPs, especially political figures.
    JFK was assasinated in a motorcade.

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A motorcade is a procession of vehicles used to transport a very important person, usually a political figure. The procession consists of several vehicles, usually accompanied by law enforcement support and additional protection to ensure the safety of the people in the motorcade. Motorcades for presidents and heads of state consist of anywhere from four to six armored cars or SUVs, with police motorcycles and cars leading the way and following.

Traffic diversions

Depending on the size of the motorcade and who it is carrying, routes may be completely blockaded from the general public.
The motorcade for the president is made up of two parts, the first being the "secure package". In the event of an emergency, the secure package breaks off from the rest of the group. It includes two limousines, is heavily guarded by local law enforcement and Secret Service, and all cars are driven by professional drivers.
The second part is made up of vans that transport White House staff members and selected members of the press. In the rear is a communications van that records the presidents' movements, an ambulance, and additional police vehicles.
Motorcade routes are selected by Secret Service agents in cooperation with local police forces. Escape routes are also established in the event of an emergency.
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caravan, cavalcade, column, cortege, dress parade, flyover, funeral, line, march past, mule train, pack train, parade, pomp, procession, promenade, review, skimmington, stream, string, train
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